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Corporate Purpose:
Customer first, reputation wins, quality is excellent, and service is excellent.
Business philosophy:
A. Quality - the foundation of image; Technology - the key to takeoff; Management - an eternal theme; Innovation - the source of development.
B. Manage the enterprise through employees, improve quality through technology, win the market through quality, and promote development through innovation.
Team awareness:
I rely on enterprises for survival and development; I do my best for the enterprise, and the enterprise seeks profit for me.
Professional ethics:
A. Users are parents of food and clothing, and service is the basic responsibility.
B. Customer first, service first.
Corporate image:
Operate in accordance with the law, manage scientifically, work in a civilized manner, have a strong style of work, provide high-quality services, have excellent quality, possess exquisite technology, and be brave in innovation.
Business strategy:
A. Talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, and market development strategy.
B. Implement talent, brand, innovation, and market development strategies, consolidate and improve levels, and develop and strengthen brands.

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